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21 Mar 2019

Why opt for Exclusive Private Venue Hire?

It’s your event, it should be all about you, right?

In this piece we look at the advantages of private venue / exclusive use hire and why so many are now settling for nothing less. When you want to take your special event to the next level, opting for exclusive use of a venue does just that. Whether it’s the privacy, discreet & personal service or the bespoke approach that invites you to the idea of exclusive use, it’s an option that’s proving more and more popular and for very good reason.

Your Home for the Day / Weekend

Many venues offer up exclusive use for much more than weddings. Events ranging from birthdays to corporate events, product launches and everything in between, can feel that much more special when the venue is yours, creating an extraordinarily memorable & personal experience for the host and guests alike.

We find that the key to guests enjoying an event to its fullest is making them feel completely comfortable in their surroundings. Whether preparing for a birthday party or a wedding you should be able to do so in complete comfort for the duration of your stay. You needn’t worry about appearances, if you want to traipse about in slippers and a dressing gown with rollers in your hair, you should be able to without feeling the slightest hint of discomfort about doing so.


We cannot overstate the importance of this one, especially when it comes to your wedding day. Privacy is always important but never more so than on the most personal, intimate and emotional day of your lives. At exclusive use venues you know that you’re the only people on the premises (other than the staff of course, who are there solely to make your day perfect) and that the only faces you’ll see all day are those of people you love and who love you back. No strangers, and no crashers.

It’s all about you

At exclusive use venues there is only ever one event going on at any one time and that event is the only thing that everyone at the venue is thinking about. This means that you have the undivided attention of the entire venue team, as well of course, your family and friends too. There are no distractions and no other priorities. No drunks at the bar or demanding hotel guests. Just you and an entirely dedicated team whose job it is to ensure that your event goes down without a hitch.

Specialist wedding venues

In general, exclusive use wedding venues are more likely to specialise in hosting weddings than other types of venues. This is because there’s a direct conflict between the hosting of weddings and other hospitality activities, such as; running a restaurant or a hotel. Venues that try to balance both, tend to end up prioritising the non-wedding elements of their business. Exclusive use venues like us only host weddings and events. We’re set up for private hire events and our dedicated team live & breathe each and every event. It’s the most important day of your life. Why risk it?

Anyone planning an event, be it a wedding, a party or a corporate event, has a vision, a vision of their event as the best ever and the one the guests never stop talking about. One sure-fire way to ensure the occasion is an unforgettable one is to take over a venue exclusively. Treat the place as your own for the day, week-end or even longer and create a unique and truly exclusive experience, one that will make a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Here at Custom House we thrive to achieve just that. When you see Custom House in Plymouth you’ll know it is the most incredible exclusive private hire venue in Plymouth. It has everything you could ever wish for, from its stunning Barbican backdrop or the incredible interior design & architecture, to the personal attention delivered by our experienced team - it can deliver on every front.

With a diverse range of beautifully decorated rooms, each with its own striking identity, the venue offers individual room hire options for exclusivity, with bespoke catering packages tailor made to your specifications for up to 240 people.

Contact our experienced team today to discuss your plans and see how we can help add a touch of class – Plymouth: 01752 210770 or use our enquiry form and we’ll come back to you.

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