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20 Mar 2019

Choosing your perfect wedding venue

Before you ‘commit’ to your wedding venue, take a look at some of these key considerations during your decision-making process…

Apart from the dress, the venue itself is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make. The venue plays a vital role in the overall success of your special day. Much like your dress, so it’s true to say, when you find the one you know. Until you book your venue, your wedding is pretty much a blank canvas, the venue space dominates your theme, from the food to the photography. Let’s face it people will remember where you got married for years to come!

Below is a list of important aspects that should be factored into your venue decision process.

Location, Location…Location

The location of your wedding venue is extremely important, so when considering your guest list, you have to factor in those that are not local. Is your venue easily accessible? Is there on-site accommodation for those who are travelling afar? The comfort and experience for your guests is significant in the overall aspect of the day. Following on from the accessibility part of the consideration, elderly or disabled guests need to be catered for, does the venue consider this?

Are you considering holding your ceremony at the venue or will your ceremony be off site? Travelling between sites can cause complications and added stress to an already emotional day. Limiting travel times especially for international guests is a factor worth considering.


Knowing how many guests you want to invite to your big day is crucial before deciding on your wedding venue. It’s so easy for us to get carried away looking at images of venues before even working out the actual logistics. There’s nothing worse than seeing a venue you fall in love with and then being told they can’t cater for your capacity needs.

There is a huge difference in a large capacity wedding venue, to a small more intimate one, not only do they impact on your budget, but inevitably your overall guest experience also. Opting for a large capacity venue when your guest list doesn’t warrant the space will affect the aesthetics of the day, large areas that aren’t filled will feel lost and cold.

The flip side to this is hiring a venue with a small capacity limit and you receive far too many RSVPS than you predicted, making the day feel cramped and stuffy. So make sure you start by making a estimated guest list so you can immediately rule out certain venues based on the number of guests you wish to invite, this will automatically eliminate options that would seem to large or even too small as a venue choice.


Even though this seems a silly consideration as you will always consider how much you’re spending, it does dictate every factor of your wedding day. With regards to budget its always worth speaking to the venue coordinators and assessing whether your day would be cheaper in certain seasons or different days of the week. These factors do affect pricing tariffs and if you have fallen in love so much with a certain venue, the question is, do you decided your date around that or should your venue be decided around the date you have chosen?

Theme & Styling

Deciding your wedding theme can be something you think of before or after you choose your venue. Seeing a venue that you love could determine what type of themed wedding you go for! Do you want glamorous and romantic or something more rustic and rural?

That said, you may already have a theme in mind which in turn would then guarantee what type of venue you are looking for. You need to consider the formality of the venue, how the weather will affect it, and the facilities. With regards to the weather some venues are more striking at certain times of the year. Some venues are adapted to your needs and wants all year round, but do they match your theme and styling considerations?

At Custom House Plymouth, we believe we can offer you the most flexible options, whilst delivering an outstanding wedding experience, so with that in mind, along with all the above considerations, take a look through our website and see what Custom House Plymouth has to offer when it comes to an exclusive wedding venue based right in the heart of Plymouth’s Waterfront.

Our dedicated team would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about holding your special day at Custom House Plymouth, even arrange a tour of the venue, so please get in touch – Plymouth: 01752 210770 or complete our enquiry form and we’ll get in touch.

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